SINCE 1968

Hung Chou Fiber Industry Co., Ltd., one of the leading polyester filament manufacturers of Taiwan, was founded in July 1968. In December of 1975, the government to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Center approved the Hung Chou Company's stock and the company has therefore become a public company.

The Hung Chou Company's first plant was originally designed and supplied by UHDE GMBH of Germany to produce conventional polyester filament in technical cooperation with Farbwerke Hoechst AG. The first plant was completed and started up in March 1971. Shortly after the successful start-up of the first plant, A series of expansions both of capacity and product range as well as modifications in production process had been successfully carried out.

Since its foundation in 1968, The Hung Chou Company has firmly set up the following principles for its business management: (1) Committed to providing products and services consistently conforming to customer's exact requirements. (2) Dedicated to "being the best product quality" through continuous and intensive research and development. (3) Engaged in keep highly stable growth of the business by successful management and good financial standing.

Well abiding by the above guiding principles. The Hung Chou Company has been enjoying for its financial standing and trading reliability in domestic and foreign markets as its final ideal goal. Hung Chou Company has been insisting on the concept that customers shall be benefited and prospers in doing business with this company.